Andere apparatuur in de werkplaats Wood


All students of the KABK are invited to work in the Wood workshop. In addition to hand tools and electrical equipment, this Wood workshop has versatile woodworking machines, capable of all sorts of processing. This includes sawing, milling, drilling, turning and planing.

Supervision and advice
There is a wide variety in questions and skills of students. It is for that reason that we provide supervision in several ways.

Quick-start for autonomous work
Make sure you prepare your work properly. Draw up a plan (a sketch including measurements!), find out which materials you will need for it and know the proper way to use the hand tools and electrical tools. Then you can just work autonomously. We will sometimes check to see if all is going fine.

Buying materials 
 We have a wide variety of wood materials, sheet wood and beams in stock. We have put up examples in the Wood workshop including prices so you can calculate before starting how much the materials will cost you. Waste materials and used wood can be used if you have ensured there are no nails or screws left in the material.  This will cause damage to the machines and the repair costs will be at your expense. Make sure the workshop supervisor always inspects this!

Only use tools in the Wood workshop! If you want to work outside the Academy, the Central Lending Desk has a variety of tools available.

Cleaning up
We have limited space available in the Wood workshop. If everyone cleans up their own stuff, we can work at our most efficient and the optimum number of students can work in the workshop. We would much rather spend our time teaching and helping you than clearing away your mess. So please be considerate: throw trash in the bins and put the tools back where they belong. If anything is broken, please report it so we can have it fixed.

  • No alcohol in the workshop
  • Long hair needs to be tied back
  • Do not wear scarves or loose clothing when working with machinery
  • Work with closed hands when using machines
  • Safety goggles and hearing protection are mandatory!
  • If a workshop supervisor considers your working methods unsafe, you will not allowed to continue working; you are required to follow their advice.
  • Keep your workstation clean (and that includes the floor as well)

Stationary machinery
If you want to use the stationary machinery (vertically mounted circular saw, band saw, cut-off saw, jigsaw, cylindrical saw, thickness planer, lathe, drill press, sanding machines), you will first need instructions on their use. The workshop supervisor will only give you permission to operate this machinery on your own after you have been trained to do so. This permission is dependent on the skills you have demonstrated. The panel saw is usually only operated by the workshop supervisor. Always put your plan on paper beforehand. Draw a sketch and add the measurements, so we can see what you mean. That will save us precious time, which we can spend on helping even more students!

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Fri 9.00-17.00

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