Andere apparatuur in de werkplaats Rental


The Rental is the ideal location for students and lecturers of the KABK to pick up various equipment which is used on a daily basis at the academy. Here you can rent laptops, monitors and beamers, small cameras for video and photography, tripods, etc.

There is also a large selection of things for sale, from spray paint and sanding discs to printing paper and roll films.

The Rental accepts payment in cash, by bank card or Student ID card.


When borrowing or hiring something at the Academy, you sign an agreement beforehand containing these terms and conditions on the back:

The borrower named on the front of this form declares that they:

  • Have received the loaned items as described on the front of this form in good condition
  • Will return the items on or before the agreed date / time
  • Are aware that the maximum loan term is 1 week
  • Are aware of the total replacement price of the items
  • Will only use the items for their intended purpose
  • Will not lend the items to third parties
  • Will report any damage to the items when returning them
  • Are aware that repairing the items without permission is not authorised
  • Are aware that in case of theft, loss of or damage to the items concerned, the borrower will be held liable for the damages suffered (costs of repair, replacement value of the items) and that they will be charged for all related costs, both judicial and extrajudicial
  • Are insured against statutory liability. The items will not be loaned if the borrower is not in possession of the proper insurance
  • In case of theft, the borrower will immediately inform the police and submit a copy of the police report to the lender within 24 hours

Furthermore, the KABK does not accept any liability regarding operation of the equipment.

070 3154 713


Mon-Thur 8.30-19.30
Fri 8.30-17.00

Abel Wolff
Chris Borman