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Our studios
We have three studios dedicated to photography and video. Every student at the KABK may use them freely, after having followed an introductory session. It is strongly recommended to make a reservation first. You can check if a studio is available in our online booking system Asimut (log in and choose Workshop Photography on the left). To actually book a studio space you will have to come to our office, or send us an e-mail.
​Keep in mind that our studios are in fact intended for making photographs and videoclips. So if you want to give a presentation, have an assessment or practise yoga, please find yourself another space.
All our studios are well-equipped with lights, stands, tables, etcetera. However, we do not supply backdrops. If needed, you will have to bring one yourself.
​Before starting to work, always check in at our office (PB.101). Here you can also get most accessories you might need. After finishing please check out.

White Studio (PB.105)
This studio has Broncolor flash equipment and is mostly used for portrait and model photography. It is also the most convenient place when you want to work with daylight.

Black Studio (PB.103)
The Black Studio is provided with professional LED lighting for making simple video clips and for continuous light photography.
It also features a green screen for chroma keying.

Big Studio (PA.102)
This large studio offers Profoto flash equipment and it is suitable for close-up portraits, tabletop photography and for classical photography lessons. With curtains the room can be divided in six work spaces. Mind the numbers when you want to book a space.
You can find a floor plan with numbered spaces here
​You can find a Quick Start Guide for the Big Studio here

Printing room (PB.115)
The Photography workshops include a printing room with five professional Epson photo printers. You can make photo quality prints yourself here, up to a maximum of A2 format. Two Macs with calibrated monitors are available for minor modifications to your photographic images. The Photography workshop also has scanners for digitising your negatives and slides.
You can find a print manual here.

Analogue darkroom (BA.101)
The Academy has a small but fully equipped darkroom where you can develop and/or print black & white film. There is a section for developing films and a section where black & white enlargements can be made, by a maximum of five students simultaneously.
​Developing tanks and print accessories are supplied in our Photography Rental. You will have to bring your own chemicals and photo paper.

Office and Photography Rental (PB.101)
The heart of the Photography workshops. This is the place to be when you want to work in our studios, need help when struggling with photographic issues, want to report defective equipment or when you want to borrow or hire photography gear.
​Our Photography Rental offers (semi-)professional cameras, lenses, light meters, portable flashes and more. These are in the first place intended for Photography students. Other students are allowed to hire most of the equipment too but only if they can demonstrate that they are experienced enough to handle them.
​Some of the items are free of charge; for others we charge a small fee.

For more information about the KABK Photography Workshops you can always send us an e-mail.

  • You can work in one of our studios after having followed an introductory lesson.
  • You can only enter the studio with permission from the workshop supervisors. Please clean up your workplace before you leave.
  • Food and beverages are expressly forbidden in our studios. Keep liquids far away from our flash equipment: electrocution hazard!
  • No smoke or fire in the studios! Smoke machines are not allowed.
  • The printing room is freely accessible to all students. If you want to use our printers, check this page first.
PB.101 and more

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Fri 9.00-17.00

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