Andere apparatuur in de werkplaats Multimedia


In the Multimedia workshop, you have every opportunity to go wild in the field of audiovisual design. The workshop has four small, professionally equipped editing rooms, an editing room with options for instruction (four workstations) and a large editing room with adjacent sound booth with green/blue screens. There is also a rental section where student and teachers can rent a variety of audiovisual equipment.

For film and video screenings, students and teachers can present their work at the Multimedia workshop in the Cinema (27 seats, Full HD video projector and Digital Surround 7.1 sound). This option must be reserved in advance. Check here for more information

In addition to all the rooms, cutting-edge equipment and software offered by the Cinema, students are assisted where possible by two workshop supervisors. They can explain all about the equipment and programs you can use.

  • Reservations are not mandatory to use the editing rooms, but booking is recommended.
  • Pick up the key from the reception desk for Multimedia. If you have a reservation but you are still not present 30 minutes after the reservation slot starts, we will allow another student to have the key (with the exception of when a student is rendering ).
  • We have a large server for storing materials, which is only accessible through our workshop. Everything on this multimedia server can be accessed and edited on all the Macs in our workshop. This gives students the option not to have to work on the same Mac every time. You are solely responsible for your video and other materials on the server. The KABK is not liable for any data loss. Students need to make their own backups on a disc or USB drive. Nothing may be stored locally on the Macs.
  • Working in the Multimedia workshop after closing hours is only possible in consultation with the workshop supervisors, and even then only until 21:30 at the latest.
  • Prohibited: food and drink in the rooms, installing illegal software, disconnecting cables/monitors. Installing extra software is only allowed in consultation with the workshop supervisors, and only if it is legal.
  • You are only permitted to work on Academy-related projects.
  • For assistance with video editing, we recommend you come by on Wednesday or Thursday evening for support.
BA.102 and others

Tue 9.00-19.00
Wed-Thu 12.00-21.30

Chris Pieplenbosch
Kees Knijnenburg