Andere apparatuur in de werkplaats Library


The KABK has a very well-equipped library / multimedia centre. We have a collection containing reference materials on e.g. visual arts, architecture, photography, graphic design, architectural design, philosophy, art appreciation, history, and art and cultural history. The library is located in a central place in the building.

In order to keep abreast of current developments, the library holds subscriptions for roughly eighty magazines and daily newspapers. The multimedia centre has approximately 500 DVDs/CD-ROMs. DVDs and CDs can be watched on the spot. There are places to study in the library. You can consult the catalogue online. At the beginning of the academic year, all first-year students will have introductory lessons, paying special attention to the automated catalogue.

Check the online catalogue here


If you want to use the library and check out materials, the following rules apply:

  • Use of the library is free
  • Only enrolled students and Academy staff are able to take out materials using their student ID
  • Extension is possible unless the materials have been reserved by someone else
  • It is possible to reserve materials for free
  • DVDs are not lent out but can be viewed in the library or elsewhere in the building
  • If you are late in returning materials, you will be charged a late fee
  • If the materials you take out on loan are damaged or lost, you will need to repay the damages
  • You are not allowed to use your mobile phone to make calls in the library

Equipment in the Library workshop

No listed equipment in this workshop​.