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Fine art Printing

The Academy not only covers the latest techniques, but also maintains a focus on traditional craftsmanship.

In this workshop, we use a combination of current digital techniques with analogue techniques developed 150 years ago.

  • In the workshop, we create our own emulsions. Like Cyanotype chemistry, with its characteristic blue print. In construction, it is used to create blueprints.
  • We can use the technique of gum printing, using gum and colour pigments.
  • And we can make a kallitype print, the forerunner of 'modern' darkroom paper.

We use contact negatives when printing, which can easily be printed on transparent materials and in any format, thanks to contemporary computers and printers.

The prints are not entirely predictable and reproducible. This means each print is unique.

  • Make an appointment ahead of time with the workshop supervisor
  • Due to the toxic nature of the materials used, no food or beverages may be consumed in this room
  • No more than 4 students at once
  • Prints cannot be made without supervision

Wed & Thu 13.00-17.00

Thomas Ankum
Widodo Poedjio

Equipment in the Fine art Printing workshop