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Working with ceramics is a form of handcraft. A form of traditional craftsmanship, discovered by accident, it has developed slowly over time into a technique that is even applied in today’s high-tech products: ceramic knives, non-stick pans, etc.

It takes time and concentration to use clay and transform it from an idea into a final product, and that is mostly due to the nature of clay. It is malleable at first, but it gradually changes to a rock-hard consistency after firing. Therefore, it takes planning and care in order to achieve the desired results.

You can work with several techniques:
The method of applying successive rings or applying clay slabs using the clay slab roller, turning clay on the potter’s wheel or simply shaping by hand one step at a time, pressing clay with the extruder or pouring liquid clay in a plaster mould.

Whichever method you use to shape the clay, it all needs to dry before it can be fired. If it has been bisque fired for the first time, it needs to be glazed - this is the decorative and protective layer - and then re-fired.

All in all, it often takes six weeks before you have your final product. You need to take that into account: working with ceramics takes time. And not everything will succeed in one try.

Fractures might occur during the drying or firing process, or even after it is done: it is all in the very nature of ceramics. It is supple and resilient and fragile, all at the same time.

But it is an amazing, fun and even addictive medium to work with.

Everybody may use the oven, under supervision of the workshop manager (unless you have been granted kiln permission). There are three kilns (ovens):
Big kiln, inside measures 110-60-80 cm
Mid kiln, inside measures 62-62-65 cm
Small kiln, inside measures 64-43-65 cm

The kilns must be reserved and paid for in advance. No pay is no reservation.

Kiln days are Monday and Friday. On Wednesday only if really necessary. You cannot reserve more than six weeks ahead!

€15 until 1060 ºC
€20 from 1061 to 1180 ºC
€25 from 1181 tot 1240 ºC

  • You first need to attend an introduction
  • Everybody is welcome. However, there is only room for 8 students at a time
  • You need to bring your own hand tools
  • After work: tidy up everything, clean tables and floors with water, rinse buckets and tools in the sink.
  • Bulky waste and ceramics must be discarded in the large waste container near the bicycle shed
  • Temporay storage: first discuss with the workshop manager where to store your work temporarily. Always leave your name and number with your work so we will be able to reach you if necessary. Your work cannot be stored longer than 6 weeks
  • After the glaze firing the ceramic objects have to be taken right away
BD.007 and BD.009

Mon & Tue 10.00-18.30
Wed-Fri 10.30-18.30

Arjen Bos
Tjalling Mulder