19 juni 2017
Werkplaats Photography
From September 2017 the KABK Photography Rental will no longer provide its digital cameras with SD (memory) cards. So you will have to bring your own card when you want to hire a camera at our place.
This might turn out to be slightly more complicated than it sounds, given the large amount of types, speed ratings and sizes. That is why we made you a guide to help you get your own SD card when in the near future you want to hire a Nikon, Canon or Sony digital camera at our Photography rental.
You can view and download this guide here
10 februari 2017
Werkplaats Photography
New cameras at the KABK Photography Rental
After months of research and negotiations we can finally announce the arrival of some brand new photography gear. We can now offer a Nikon D750 and Canon 5D III full-frame camera and a Sony α7 II system camera. All three have excellent image quality, also in low-light conditions, as well as superb video output. You can hire these cameras with a fine zoom lens; for the Nikon and Canon we also offer lenses with fixed focal lengths, for extreme sharpness.
The cameras can be hired by KABK students with advanced knowledge of photographic equipment. We charge €5,- per day for any camera, including one lens. Reservations are recommended. Come and visit our photography rental at PB.101.
31 januari 2017
Werkplaats Metal
New Laser Cutter in KABK Metal Workshop
With this brand new cutting machine you can make illustrations on or cut through materials like solid wood, plywood (triplex), cardboard and acrylic.
You can use files from e.g. Adobe Illustrator or any PDF.
Go to the metal workshop to find out what is possible (and what's not). You may want to check this page first for some details and instruction videos.
06 september 2016
Werkplaats Photography
KABK Pokémon GO
Starting this year, our studio bookings are online. Go to, log in and select Workshop Photography (not: Rooms Photography). Here you can check if the studio of your choice is still available.
The schedule is ‘read only’, you cannot make reservations yourself. You (still) have to come to our office (room PB.101) or send an email to
Note: obvious as it may sound, our photography studios are only suited and meant for recording still or moving images, not for presentations, performances, meditating or playing Pokémon Go.
22 maart 2016
Werkplaats Photography
Meet Charlotte Brand, she graduated from the KABK Photography department three years ago. She will be helping us out every Thursday morning and on special occasions.
Charlotte knows about photography, video and web design and has her own multimedia company A Small Production Company.
04 maart 2016
Werkplaats Metal
Sabin Garea has started working at the Metal workshop.