Printers Epson Stylus Pro

Printers Epson Stylus Pro

Professional Photo Printers Epson Stylus Pro 4880 and 4900, with 8 and 11 ink cartridges respectively, suitable for A4, A3, A3 + (Super A3) and A2. Four printers are available for glossy and semi-glossy / luster / satin inkjet paper, one is especially for matte inkjet paper and normal (office or drawing) paper.

To use our photo printers, bring these items:

  • your digital photos on a USB stick (recommended) or external hard disk
  • Good quality inkjet printing paper or fine plain paper
  • enough money on your student account

In the printing room you will find a reader with step-by-step instructions. Below you can download the same reader in PDF format. Of course you can also ask the workshop supervisors for advice.

Mon-Thu 9.00-21.30, Fri 9.00-17.00
  • Andrew Valkenburg
  • Frans de Grood
  • Robin Butter