TC digital Cambo Actus

TC digital Cambo Actus

With this technical camera (or view camera) you can experiment and play with the effects of tilting and shifting.

​Tilting allows you to change the focal plane to maximize or minimize the depth of field.
​Shifting can be used to correct (or exaggerate) perspective.

​On the back a Canon or Nikon full-frame body can be mounted for use in our studio, in conjunction with a Hasselblad lens in front.
For outdoor use we can provide it with a Sony system camera and a Nikkor 28mm lens.

​*You can borrow the Cambo Actus for free but you have to pay the regular fee if you want to combine it with one of our camera bodies or lenses.

This camera is available for photography students only.

Mon-Thu 9.00-21.30, Fri 9.00-17.00
  • Andrew Valkenburg
  • Frans de Grood
  • Robin Butter