LED studio equipment

LED studio equipment

In the Black Studio you will find professional LED lighting equipment, specially for making (simple) videos. Photographers can use this light too, especially when they want to work with a low f-number for a small depth of field.

The two Dedolight spotlights provide a beam of light which can be adjusted with a large yellow ring at the fixture to any angle between 4° and 50°. Three Lowel flat panels provide soft light, similar to that of a softbox. In addition to this we have four Akurat flat panels to illuminate the backdrop or green screen.

All lights are dimmable from 0 to 100%. The color temperature is 3300°K, so you have to set the White Balance of your camera or video camera to this number or to the 'light bulb' symbol.

If you want to work in the Black Studio, ask for a short introduction to the features and functions and take some time to get used to this equipment.


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