Camera analogue Hasselblad

Camera analogue Hasselblad

Hasselblad 501CM, classic analogue 6x6 medium format camera for roll film (120-spool).

The Hasselblad, the first camera on the moon, has been the professional photographer's workhorse for decades. The simple yet clever design and high quality lenses have made it a coveted and expensive instrument. Even now analogue photographers like to work with this classic. It is one of the few cameras that produces a square image.

You can rent this camera with a film and/or Polaroid cassette and with several Schneider lenses: 50, 80 (default), 120, 150, 160 (micro) and 250 mm. We also have the Hasselblad SWC: a body with a fixed distortion-free lens for super wide-angle shots.

Our Hasselblad cameras are only available for KABK Photography students and only after having completed an introductory course.

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