Camcorder Sony XDCAM EX

Camcorder Sony XDCAM EX

This professional Sony XDCAM EX camera features: 3 1/2 "-type CMOS Sensors - 1080p, 720p, 1080i - Native 23.98p - Full HD 1920 x 1080 - Fujinon 14x Wide Angle Lens - 1.23MP viewfinder - two SxS card slots - SD DVCAM Mode - Cache Recording - HDMI Output.

This sophisticated camera has a steep learning curve and will need some preparation before you can handle it properly. For this an introduction lesson can be followed at the multimedia workshop (max. 3 persons per introduction; duration approximately 30 minutes)

The Sony XDCAM EX saves its files on an SXS-card of 8 or 16 GB. Please note that many ordinary readers cannot read this card! You will need an SXS card reader. This can be rented too but is also already present in all editing rooms at the multimedia workshop.

The camera should be used within our building only. If you want to use it outside the Royal Academy anyway, you will need permission. It is wise to do so well in advance if this camera is indispensable for your project!

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